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Site Translator 4.09

Site Translator 4.09: Translate entire web sites and expand your audience with a single click! Translation Memory speeds up the process by remembering commonly-used phrases and sentences. Personalize the translation of words and phrases to improve accuracy. Exclude specific words and phrases such as company and personal names from translation. You can also exclude the contents of certain XML and HTML tags. Save these settings to easily retranslate web sites after you make modifications. Site Translator comes with a one-year subscription to

HTML File Translator 1.2: The HTML File Translator makes the translation of HTML documents easy.
HTML File Translator 1.2

Translators often have difficulties when translating HTML documents, as they are not sure which sections of the file are to be translated and which are to be left unchanged. The HTML File Translator is a tool for the easy and efficient translation of HTML documents into other languages. It shows all visible and hidden elements in a HTML document that must be translated.

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WordHTML CV 1.2: Automates conversion of MS word documents into HTML files.
WordHTML CV 1.2

HTML CV is an open source software that mass converts MS word documents into HTML files. You will be able to publish system requirements, technical manuals or other documentation to the web with no prior knowledge of HTML. Using WordHTML CV is very easy. You drag and drop Word documents into WordHTML CV and wait for it to complete. The converted files will be placed in a folder next to the original document. WordHTML CV also creates an optional and

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Word to HTML Converter 1.0: Automates conversion of MS Word documents into HTML files.
Word to HTML Converter 1.0

Word to HTML Converter is a Microsoft Word add-in for converting Word documents to HTML. It allows you to publish a document like a press release, technical manual or other specifications on the web in a fast, easy and automatic manner. The software lets you to convert your Word documents based on a user-defined look and feel in a custom HTML template and automatically splits the document into many web pages based on the Word Headings.

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Sisulizer 3.0.340: Visual software localization for .NET, C#, C/C++, Delphi, VB, HTMLHelp, XML & db
Sisulizer 3.0.340

Translation Edition, along with your project file. Sisulizer supports translators with integrated translation memory access, intelligent filters, up-to-date statistics, WYSIWYG & context, interfaces to external translation memory and machine translation, reports, and various validations with easy fix functionality. When your translators have completed the translation, they just run Exchange Wizard to create a single file that they send back to you

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Translation Office 3000 9: Accounting and Marketing Tool for Language Translators and Translation Agencies
Translation Office 3000 9

translation agencies by e-mail. General features: international users, clients database, contacts management, translation export and analysis, pricing of translation services, issuing quotes for translation jobs, word counts for translation jobs, tracking of current translation jobs, computer-assisted translation jobs, invoicing of completed translation jobs, customizable invoicing templates, tracking of due and overdue invoices, organization of

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Lingobit Localizer 7.0: Software localization tool for MFC, Delphi, .NET, WPF, Java, Database and Web
Lingobit Localizer 7.0

Translation Memory, Automatic Translation, etc. Software localization can be done in-house or delegated to another company. Lingobit Localizer enables developers to localize software by extracting localizable resources directly from MFC, Delphi or .NET executable files. This makes it possible to translate strings, dialogs, forms, menus, and other resources. Furthermore, Lingobit Localizer support visual localization of HTML, HTML Help (CHM), XML,

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